Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Based On INstagram

 It has been ages since my last update, I can even remember.I'm so occupied with my life and now in 3rd year,more new thing to learn plus inter training in next few months.
Instagram is the convenience place for me to update my life since I like to let photo speaks for me .Thinking to change this blog to photo blog but the commitment,hope can work for it.
At least I can improve and add some skills there. 

Recent travelling to Gopeng, and just can't resist to take photo of this view

Left: Health Sience Faculty celebrating 20 years
 Right:Today talk with Dr Harlina Siraj,inspiring me

 Occupied with my study and now I'm a spectacle girl after cheating for not wearing them before

Doing my normal shopping and my daily view in the heart of KL

Thats all,wish I can spent more time to write here.
Then dear blog.

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