Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping and excercise

It has been a long time since I went for shopping.Hah!Actually went for grocery shopping last week.But not the one shopping-day-out-with-friend-no-stress type.

Well actually today, my friend asked me to accompany her to buy earphone.We decide to go out at 11 but has to postponed later due to some reason.

Since the time we went out already afternoon,we decided to lunch at Vivo, a restaurant at Berjaya Times Square.

Vivo Restaurant specialty in pizza and panini,if I'm not mistaken.But the food price really cheap and affordable.

Our vain pic,try to selfpic of ourself since  just the two of us.Haish.

The interior in Vivo, nice. I love the place next to mirror, feels like in a huge space.

My baked spagetti meatball come together with mushroom soup.Just the spagetti and soup and some fries which I took from my friend enough to make me full.Hehe

The kiwi lemon float, I think can't remember whether float or not.But taste really gooood especially with the vanilla ice-cream.Hahaha,I'm a big fan of any vanilla flavour food.

See, lots of food. Person in the picture is my friend,we are trying to capture as many picture as possible.Vain, is it?Well that us.
After lunch, we off to Low Yat ,since Kelly is looking for earphone.And I manage to buy some item including new phone case.I'm using Galaxy Ace and it is soooo hard to find a reaaally nice and cute one eventhough in Kuala Lumpur.I'm just jealous with my friends that easily find nice casing for their phone.

Since we are soo near with Pavillion,I decided to go there and just walk around.But actually I want to go to newly open H&M boutique at Lot 10.It just so tempted to go there.And the items there are soooo yummy.Manage to grab a necklace there.

We also went to Suria KLCC by walking from Pavillion using the bridge.The bridge really long for me,I just feel tired after reaching Klcc.But still manage to have fun walking around and snapping picture.Which the most done activity by us today,snapping picture!

The delicious Moo Cow Froyo.

Necklace that I manage to grab at H&M. There are many more beautiful necklace and other item such as dress, and are sooo nice and temptating too.

Us at Candylicious,a shop full candies and chocolate.Had fun snapping picture around the shop.Haha

My excited face when taking picture at the fountain.Silly me.

Well,it already midnight and I felt soo tired.Actually lots of picture taken but I just can't make choice which one to upload.Till then,bye dear blog.

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