Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Recently,actually in this few months I had been really busy.At first I thought last semester was the busy sem but this one truly really busiest semester.I could hardly find time to rest or for short revision.Lots of assignment making me and all my friends become stressful.

And one of our assignment made  us went out.Went out means lots of  money will be spend and truly lots had been spent.

My crocs that "bite" me

I went  We went to Midvalley,Sogo and Pavillion Kl in just two weeks.We always go out for assignment on one day but on that day we went to two places that really far from each other.Tiring huh.
Then weekend that is not weekend, as need to travel for a long  time although near to my hometown.It's really sad to know that you are two hours from home but couldn't go home.But still  the word "tired" never removed from my head.Anyway,I learn tons of thing these day whether from my assignment or normal life.

handmade candy
Yesterday went to Pavilion KL,and spotted shop name "Sticky".It's a handmade candy shop.They even demonstrate or actually make candies in front of customer.What a sight.It's norm in Us or Uk but it's hard to find such a shop here.Visit their web Sticky  or just go to their store in One Utama or Pavilion Kl to watch yourself how the candy are shaped.Its fun!!.I just found out that there are from Australia.

Spotted this car at Fahrenheit 88

Can't stop thinking few funny incident happen to me and my friend.Funny to think how you get your bag stuck in Monorail,and trying to get off.How accidentally get off from train to find out that you  are in wrong station and get back on the same train again and people stares you.
At last i finally wore again my Poplook maxi dress after not wearing it for few months.Got eyes on dress sure set people eyes on you.And it make me feel comfortable even walking under hot sun and after walking for a long distance  yesterday.

And next week is my Mid-sem exam.Blame me, I feel really scared and worry since I had't study yet.Just few revision on some topics and more to got.I need to get back to my lecture notes now.Hoping all the best for this exam.Till then,bye.

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