Thursday, May 23, 2013


 KL International Book Fair;as usual it a must for me it just I'm not in the mood with all
the crowd and flu.Well the picture above show my shopping haul not included another novel

It's been a long time since I can remember eating ice cream

My dress from Fuzana Mokhtaza for annual dinner

The beading

The Body Shop is having SALE! I got this at half price

And this too.

Well only 20 % off but worthy.

Thats all. :D


  1. nape sampai 2 anthem Hlovate?
    Lazuardi? mesti pernah baca Sweet Sour by Nasz kan? fiuu, best =)

    And, nanti review anak makcik rahimah tu yer?

    1. Cik ya,Anthem tu beli untuk kawan satu..
      haah,Nasz best..

      Review anak mak cik rahimah?erkk..