Friday, March 2, 2012

Currently;busy n tired

Salam,now I in the midst of early semester.Aready two weeks!!My class started at 8 am and finished mostly at 5  pm.Less leisure time than before.That make me tired everytime the class finished.Haven't started for revision yet.Huh.
Bought using Book voucher,yeay!
Yes,lots more book coming to be finished.Wonder when I'm going to finish reading all of these in the midst of packed time table.But sooner or later it will.Yes,it will.More to comforting myself.
Parcel from TudungPeople
And currenlty I'm also get crazy with TudungPeople.Trying to refrain my from online shopping as much as I can.Is it possible for a 'weird' thing happen like you receive a parcel that should be receive a month ago ?Well,it happen to me,it just I already received the parcel at that time before and this time I got another one with the same tracking number as before.Weird?Well to me it is weird.Still thinking how that can occur.
Any way notice all the picture above,taken using Instagram.Thanks to my friend,Syida for 'synch'  that apps in my ipod make me go crazy with it.
That all for now,wish my mood for blogging never stops.

p/s:I still can't stop thinking about the parcel.Hurm

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