Friday, February 10, 2012


Finally, I get my hand on these.Firstly,poplook dress.My sister fall in love immediately with their dress after the one we bought this week.And I like their service,it fast and it’s home delivery(poslaju of course) in two days only.Infact, my sister already thinking to get another dress from poplook.Go and visit

Ripped by my excited sister.LOL
Secondly,the camera.Nope.It’s not mine,it’s my cousin.Still can’t get my own.Hoping to get one soon but I don’t think that will happen.When I went with my cousin to buy his camera the price is going up back(naik balik), and thats happen in Kuala Terengganu not KL.

I will be back by the end of February and still not enough money.(-_-)’.I think that the DSLR price will be rocketing high in the nearest time.Most of shops told us that there no stock for DSLR because of flood in Thailand recently.The nearest factory for DSLR for Malaysia  is Thailand.I might need to wait for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time to get my own.Yeah,that long..Just need to be patience.That all,tata.

p/s:Abang Mir plez photograph me with ur nikon D3100...

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