Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep from my heart

If you are irritated with me,
looked back when I'm irritated with you

If you are sad because of me,
looked back when I'm sad cause of you
If you are hurt with my actions,
looked back when I hurt with yours

I tried hard so that things will be fine for all of us,
I never questioned your actions for the good of us all

I had done mistakes, I realised and I try to fix my actions,
my self , my attitude so that things will become good again

I try to acted rationally and I did
If you keep doing that for a long time how long I'm able to hold on?
We both know no one can stay like that for a long time

I'm sorry if I might  not able to tolerate like I used to,
coz I'm in pain right now,
 and the pain is really painful

I'm not blaming anyone
again it's not about me
or about you
It's about all of us

Think again about conditions you had gone through,
conditions  I had gone through,
I might not be the same,
The difference is not there

I just want the best for all of us

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