Monday, November 14, 2011

Cooking or experimenting?

I just finished my midsemester exam and midsem break.Justfull one week break with Eid-ul-Adha.
Since my break with Eid-ul Adha,I had a lot of fun cooking all the time.
Arrive hometown 7 am after an awful journey make me slept almost the whole morning.Totally bad.
That day I cooked Nasi Ayam.Nasi Ayam is the  food I expert but still more to learn especially in making the soup better.
The next day is Eid-ul-Adha,not much cooking on the morning since we all knew my grandma will be making our favourite Nasi Dagang.Keep eating Nasi Dagang in the morning.The night felt so hungry so I decided to make meatball cause we get lots of meat from people doing Aqiqah and Korban.
My meatball is no as nice as  in cooking book but can be eaten.

Next day decided to bake a cake,just simple cake with simple ingredients.When I learnt  in my Food Preparation,this cake is called as Pound cake since the ingredients such as flour,butter and sugar use only one pound.But I did use one pound intsead one cup of flour,butter,castor sugar and four eggs and not to forget some vanilla essence.

The next day again I bake cake and cooked some “stik”.Kinda hungry and bored and just trying to find out what can be done with meat,some salt,black pepper,garlic and onion.And in the end make the-so-called “stik”.

The day after I made “mashed potato” not as good as KFC or Kenny Rogers but still my little brother like except the sauce is not there.Really hungry and saw some potatoes lefted and like mashed potato just pop-up in my head.

Here my recipe for mashed potato,actually taken from cooking book.=)

Mashed potato
6 potato
½ cup evaporated milk

1.Boil the potatoes until tender.Drain the water.
2.In other bowl,mshed the potatotes and  put evaporated milk,some salt and pepper.

my yummy mashed potato
But I didn’t put the ½ cup evaporated milk since I did really like sweet food except cookies and cakes.Still just eat the mashed potato without anything is already good.

I think my mood of experimenting with food like my sister said is good for me since the next semester I will be experimenting with food again in lab.
 with my cousin

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