Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being here again..

It's already 13th of september  and I'm already in my college again for almost three days.So now in my new room with all the new bed-closets-table.

Two days ago was a busy day with cleaning-washing-and packing-repacking all things since I need to move to new room situated on the other block.I haven't finished organize all my thing because some of my things with cousin.Huh.(''.).Heh,my desk is still messy.And I have big mirror as you can see,last sem I keep sneaking(sneaking or what? I dunno) onAin's mirror because mine so small.

But the nicest thing is my class haven't started yet.My first class after almost four months of holiday is tomorrow morning at 8 am.Wonder how I'm going react when lecture-is-happening -right- now.Puff,guess it will be hard.
So new semester,new room,new subject,hope all goes well.

ps:I'm a it dizzy today